Based in London, YesDay is a one-developer’s effort to provide cost-effective enterprise Java consulting services, with 10 years of commercial experience in the industry.

With strong focus on the Java ecosystem, Docker, and Microservices, YesDay portfolio includes

  • horizontally scalable backends atop SQL/NoSQL DBs

  • elastically scalable cloud-native applications

  • distributed RESTful API services

  • highly automated, containerized, API-driven infrastructures

In order to deliver cost-effective solutions on ambitious project goals, YesDay follows an opinionated and orthogonal approach using the best and leading edge technologies, including

  • Java 10

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring Data JPA (Hibernate)

  • Docker Swarm Mode

  • Ansible

  • Groovy Shell Scripts

Due to the opinionated approach and our boilerplate code written and optimised over the years, YesDay is able to deliver cost-effective solutions at rates 50% lower than the market’s average, without compromising on quality.

Send your project description to to get an extremely competitive quote.